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technical calcinated
           State Standard Specification 450-77
Calcium chloride is granules with minimum mass fraction of calcium chloride of 90%.
Calcium chloride is used in chemical, petrochemical, wood-working and timber
industries, in construction industry and construction materials production,
non-ferrous metallurgy, refrigeration technologies:
in oil and gas industry as a chemical reagent, intensifying the process of
oil extraction; a component of well-killing fluids while repairing oil and gas wells; a component of circulation fluids in borehole drilling; a component of grouting mortars
in well building;
in electrolytic production of calcium metal and calciferous alloys;
as a dehumidifier due to its considerable hygroscopicity;
as a coolant in refrigeration systems, anti-icer for airfields, railroad points a
nd rails;
• as a substance, preventing gelation of coal and ores;
in road construction and operation as a component of bottom course,
highway reinforcement, as an anti-icing reagent, for dust consolidation;
in construction industry to regulate the properties of grouting mortars,
based on Portland cement, to increase oilwell cement consolidation speed and cold resisting property of water mortars.
CHEMICAL NAME:         Calcium bichloride
                                     EMPIRIC FORMULA:      СаCl2
                   QUALITY COEFFICIENTS:
                                                                First grade
Appearance                                                                Granules or white powder
Mass fraction of calcium chloride, %, min                                          90          

*Mass fraction of magnesium in equivalent of MgCl2, %, max                                     0,5

*Mass fraction of undissolved residuum in water, % max                0,5
* The figures are not mandatory. They are defined by a consumer’s needs

CERTIFICATIONHygiene certificate of the Federal Service for protection of consumers’
rights and human ll-fare.
certificate, allowing to use the chemical product in technological processes of oil extraction
and transportation. Conformance certificate № FEC RU.CP06.N02216.
PACKING                             Specialized containers of MKR - 1,0 type, net mass 500-700 kg, polypropylene bags, net mass 25 kg
STORAGE                            All kinds of transport In roofed storage rooms, store, keeping from ingress of moisture.
Open air way of storing is allowed away from salient and sharp objects
WARRANTY                      8 months since the product due date
REQUIREMENTS             It may have irritant actions on skin and eyes. While working, protective gloves and goggles   
must be used


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